Month: September 2018

Is Outsourcing in the Philippines a Good Idea?

When you are growing your website, it comes naturally that the tasks and responsibilities become greater. If you are a one-man team or even a small team, the things to do would eventually multiply and would you be able to cope? The increasing list of things to do isn’t a bad thing, in fact, you should welcome it with open arms! After all, growth is good! When the list grows, don’t fret if you are […]

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This is What Your SEO Consultant Should Provide

Have you decided to incorporate SEO on your website? Is that a yes? That’s great news! Any (sensible) page owner would like to own a website that’s both useful and comes up in searches. The thing you may encounter now is, with so many offering their SEO services, who should you choose? What should your SEO consultant provide? How do you know they can give you the results you want? It’s about knowing what they […]

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