How to Spot the SEO Expert

Nowadays, a lot of people in the SEO industry claims to be the “expert”. Actually, it’s easy to throw that phrase around. “I am the SEO expert”, but are they really? When you are growing your website – something that it is important to you, you would simply want the best.

Of course, it’s a no-brainer, that you would only hire the best SEO service provider. You want the expert or so they say. However, you may have been burnt by the word “expert” several times already.

Many would try to claim that they are the experts but how would you gauge their real SEO knowledge and skill? How would you know you’re going for the expert and not the dud? Here are a few things that you should look out for:

SEO Portfolio – What’s the best teacher they say? Experience. Knowing the theories and process is one thing, applying it is another thing to consider. One cannot claim to be the expert if they do not have prior experience in SEO.

An SEO expert is someone who has dealt with several scenarios already and has provided solutions effectively. They really understand SEO not just at the theory level. They have solved problems on the ground and they know what they are talking about.

And you can see that through their portfolio and years of experience. Confidentiality may bar them from revealing their clients but when you ask them about certain scenarios, they can give you answers. If there’s one thing you should know about, you can’t fake experience.

Ability to adjust. – SEO is a dynamic industry. In hindsight, there’s nothing in technology that remains the same. There will be new updates and unexpected curveballs along the way. Problems come and go and maintaining your SEO takes work.

An SEO expert understands this behavior. They know that there will be surprises along the way and problems will arise. How does an expert go about this? They adjust, they adapt, they provide solutions.

Problems come and an SEO expert in unfazed with that. They understand the potential problems, they even anticipate it – but they provide solutions. They don’t freeze up with the first sight of a problem.

This is also related to their years of SEO experience. Because in their work, they have come across several obstacles already. Their experience has given them the skill and the confidence to provide solutions. They know when and how to adapt.

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