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How to Fund Your Startup Business

Posted by June Jane on April 10, 2018
Category: Business, Startup

Funding a startup is not an easy task. You need money to run your business, buy equipment, and produce your products or render services. Even if you are able to start up your company, you will eventually need more money to sustain your business during the peak season or expand when the right chance comes. There are various ways to get the money you need.


It used to be only for artists. Fans support the artist so they send money for them to produce their albums or artworks. Now there are a handful of online platforms who do the same thing. Kickstarted and Indiegogo are two of the most known sites for startup small companies who have fantastic and unique business ideas but lack finances. Take note that each platform has its own rules and regulations. Some do not give the business owners their pledged funds if they are unable to complete their goals at a given time. Others still give the funds no matter how much the investors pledge.


Go cowboy and do everything by spending your own savings. The good thing is you do not have to prove yourself to any investors. You also get to keep 100% of your business’ value. Add to that, you may know someone close who is willing to lend you some cash and support you for a while. You can even start your business at home for a start.

Angel Investors

If you have connections in your local community or know certain business owners, you can get referred to an angel investor. An angel investor usually helps small businesses who have potential to grow amidst the competition. They stay with the small business until they get to exit or sell their shares. An angel investor can invest alone or as a group to divide the risk an investment can have.

How to Spot the SEO Expert

Posted by June Jane on March 14, 2018
Category: Business, Marketing

Nowadays, a lot of people in the SEO industry claims to be the “expert”. Actually, it’s easy to throw that phrase around. “I am the SEO expert”, but are they really? When you are growing your website – something that it is important to you, you would simply want the best.

Of course, it’s a no-brainer, that you would only hire the best SEO service provider. You want the expert or so they say. However, you may have been burnt by the word “expert” several times already.

Many would try to claim that they are the experts but how would you gauge their real SEO knowledge and skill? How would you know you’re going for the expert and not the dud? Here are a few things that you should look out for:

SEO Portfolio – What’s the best teacher they say? Experience. Knowing the theories and process is one thing, applying it is another thing to consider. One cannot claim to be the expert if they do not have prior experience in SEO.

An SEO expert is someone who has dealt with several scenarios already and has provided solutions effectively. They really understand SEO not just at the theory level. They have solved problems on the ground and they know what they are talking about.

And you can see that through their portfolio and years of experience. Confidentiality may bar them from revealing their clients but when you ask them about certain scenarios, they can give you answers. If there’s one thing you should know about, you can’t fake experience.

Ability to adjust. – SEO is a dynamic industry. In hindsight, there’s nothing in technology that remains the same. There will be new updates and unexpected curveballs along the way. Problems come and go and maintaining your SEO takes work.

An SEO expert understands this behavior. They know that there will be surprises along the way and problems will arise. How does an expert go about this? They adjust, they adapt, they provide solutions.

Problems come and an SEO expert in unfazed with that. They understand the potential problems, they even anticipate it – but they provide solutions. They don’t freeze up with the first sight of a problem.

This is also related to their years of SEO experience. Because in their work, they have come across several obstacles already. Their experience has given them the skill and the confidence to provide solutions. They know when and how to adapt.

Personal loans are flexible debt instruments that you can use today. Currently, hundreds of lenders are marketing their personal loans on the Web, as well as in public spaces. It’s easy to apply for a personal loan; you just need to secure the requirements and send it over to the lender. Afterward, you can just wait if the application is approved or denied. In order to take advantage of your personal loan, you should learn about personal loan refinancing.

Personal loan refinancing works this way: you pay the loan for several terms. Before the loan reaches maturity, the lender may approach you for refinancing. Once you paid the last term, you’d get a higher loan amount – if ever you want to refinance it. This will extend your repayment term, but you have sizable cash at hand.

Here are some other facts about personal loan refinancing:

Not All Lenders Do Refinancing

Even though refinancing seems advantageous for lenders, not everyone is amenable for this. First, refinancing exposes the lender to greater risk. Second, the lender needs to come up with extra funds for refinancing. Nevertheless, the rewards are great once you managed to repay the loan in full. To save time, find these lenders with the help of social media. If a lender is open for refinancing, there will be an announcement.

Refinancing is Better than Re-loaning

Refinancing is an extended process – no new requests are made, and the lender will just observe your account. For re-loaning, you can have the basic entry amount. You’re back in the start. Refinancing helps you get a higher amount because the lender already trusts you. To become qualified for refinancing, you need a strong borrower reputation. Some lenders may even open refinancing slots after you’ve borrowed many times from them.

Interests May or May Not Increase

Since refinancing is a bit risky on the lender’s part, there’s a chance that you’ll pay higher interest. However, some lenders may charge the same interest based on your previous loan. The term, naturally, will remain longer. To know which lenders have increased refinancing rates, you may need to dig deep in research.

If you think personal loan refinancing works for you, ask your lender about it. The higher loan amount can be used for many things like home projects, small businesses, travel budget, and emergency stash.

How a Bad Credit Affects Your Loan Application

Posted by June Jane on February 5, 2018
Category: Loans

When you are applying for a loan, whether from a bank or just a small lending institution, one of the first steps that they do is to check your credit standing. If your credit standing is fine, then there is a good chance for your loan application to be approved. However, if you have a bad credit standing, then your loan application may be rejected outright.

Banks and lending institutions naturally steer clear of lending to people with bad credit. A bad credit loan is one of the more difficult financial deals to get, and with good reason. A bad credit standing strongly suggests that you, as a borrower, may be unable to accomplish the payment requirements of the loan you are applying for.

However, the situation is not without a remedy. Loans for people with bad credit may be difficult to come by but it is not impossible. Some lending companies will still open their doors to bad credit standing borrowers. If you have a bad credit standing, you may still avail of a loan, but the interest rates will be higher than normal. This is because, to the lending company, you are a high-risk borrower.

As a matter of fact, high-risk borrowers or borrowers with bad credit standing are fast becoming one of the more numerous loan applicants these days. Some banks are also changing their policies regarding borrowers applying for a bad credit loan. After all, these people may just be applying for a bad credit loan for the now. By the time they recover from their financial problems, they will be potential good customers for the company.

A secured loan is a good idea for a bad credit loan for secured loans have a high probability of getting approved. A secured loan also offers low-interest rates, though, if you are applying for a secured bad credit loan, the rates can be a little bit higher than usual. A secured bad credit loan also offers a flexible payment term, so that the payment term of the loan can stretch from anywhere between ten to thirty years.

Despite a bad credit loan can be a difficult loan to get, there are a few options that are being offered by financial institutions that can answer you’re bad credit loan requirements. As with most loans, it is best to check out all the details of the option you have chosen before entering into the loan. You may have a limited number of choices when you are looking for a bad credit loan, but, there are a lot of options available and you are sure to find one that will be specifically meet your needs.

5 Types of Business Insurance Claims

Posted by June Jane on January 25, 2018
Category: Business

Insurance is vital to business. According to Insurance Journal, business insurance claims can cost entrepreneurs approximately $8,000-$50,000 per incident. Without insurance coverage, the impact to your finances can be disastrous.

Here is the list of the costliest insurance claims that you need to know:

1. Customer Injury

For whatever reasons, customers fall and slip inside the premises of your physical store. Their instant response is to sue the company. Defending or litigating your business involves paying the attorney and the court. If the customer’s complaint is found true, the damage claim would cost you around $30,000.

2. Reputational Damage

Violating people’s privacy, slander, and libel claims could cost your business an average of $50,000. Prevent it from happening by maximizing your protection from malicious people who want to challenge your company’s reputation with an insurance that can cushion your finances.

3. Product Liability

Protect yourself from a potential product recall, injuries, or death that may be caused by products that you sell. Make sure that you have a liability insurance to prevent financial fallout that may happen after paying a claim of $35,000 per incident.  It will be more beneficial during instances of multiple claims.

4. Burglary and Theft

The cost of thefts and burglaries will affect your business finances if the incidences happen regularly. With insurance protection for your small business, you can claim around $8,000 per incident.

5. Water or Freezing Damage

Winter and harsh weather can bring unexpected water or freezing troubles that would cost your business a lot of money. A single incident can be devastating. An insurance claim of approximately $17,000 per incident can be helpful.

Getting insurance is necessary for every small business. It may be an additional expense but when negative circumstances happen unexpectedly, the protection will keep you doing business as usual.