SEO Mistakes You Are Unknowingly Committing

Are you using search engine optimization (SEO) on your website? Is it yielding the results you are expecting? If not, are you wondering where did you go wrong?

Perhaps you have already followed the step by step guideline but you’re still not seeing results. You have waited patiently and followed the process but there’s still nothing to celebrate about.

What happened? You followed the SEO guidelines, but you don’t see the desired effect? What went wrong?

Sometimes, it’s not enough that you just follow the SEO guidelines. It’s also important to understand why you are doing such steps and when you do them what is its impact on the website? It could also be about the digital marketing agency.

Sometimes you just have to go back and re-trace your steps. Old or new SEO consultants, you may have committed these common mistakes unknowingly. What are they?

Problematic Keywords – You are right when you wanted to insert SEO keywords but are you using the correct ones? One of the problems with keywords is using words that are not really used by your target users.

Put yourself in their position, if you want to search within your niche, are those the words you would type on the search engine?

Another problem is using words that are too vague and too general that it won’t lead back to your page. Your chosen words may even be confusing because it may mean a lot of different things. Be specific with the keywords and check if it’s what your target users would typically use.

Once you also have your keywords, you may also be guilty of stuffing your content with them. You reach a point that every sentence contains your keywords. Don’t do that, search engines will look at your content as spam. Don’t overdo your keywords.

Thin Content – This is again related to your use of keywords. With your desire to put in the keywords, you may have ignored the actual quality of your content.

If your keywords have driven the traffic, make sure that they are going to stay on your page. Thin content is just that – thin.

They may check out your website but since there’s no useful information that they can get – they’re no longer interested to engage. Make sure that your content is worth reading. Make sure that what you provide to your potential users is valuable information.

And worse than thin content is, having information that is totally unrelated to your niche. Even though it contains the right keywords – it’s not what your target market wants.

It all goes back to giving your potential users a great experience when they go to your website. Employing SEO steps means you have to check also carefully if your target user will appreciate what they see. If you think everything is too much to handle on your own, you can opt to hire professional affordable SEO service for your business.

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